Staying Motivated for Home Workouts

Staying Motivated for Home Workouts

It’s not hard to admit that finding motivation to get moving is pretty tough right now.

Home workouts became incredibly popular in 2020 - and no surprise, with a global lockdown in the middle of the worst pandemic in living memory.

However, a couple of years later, the novelty has faded. Put simply, the desire to work out has worn off.

And that is completely understandable for a number of reasons. For many people, the gym is their ‘game zone’, the ‘iron paradise’. Somewhere to escape the out side world for a while. Less thinking about business and more about bicep curls; less focus on politics and more on personal bests. You get the idea.

The gym is a place for mental as much as physical therapy. Some of our social lives revolve heavily around the gym community. And of course, better equipment has obvious benefits.

Plus, it's much harder to find the drive and determination to exercise in the same place as you eat, sleep and work - especially when you’ve been there for the better part of two years by now.

Nevertheless, a regular home workout routine can be incredibly rewarding. So, one of our very own Joompa coaches, Coach Azim, has put together some simple tips for you to stay motivated for home workouts.


Body builders and weightlifters aside, many people actually use the same equipment at home as they might at the gym, especially if they’re not focused on strength training and heavy lifting. Small dumbbells, medicine balls, resistance bands, yoga mats, and so on. So getting motivated at home isn’t always a matter of equipment, but environment.

Whether it’s the loud music or the big mirrors, the atmosphere at the gym plays a big part in getting us revved and ready for all those reps. We don’t all have the luxury of installing massive mirrors or a booming sound system at home, but we can make do with domestic versions!

Give yourself an extra boost by blasting your go-to workout playlist and spend a few minutes psyching yourself up in the mirror. Think about your fitness goal and get in the right mindset!


It can be as simple as putting on your favourite workout clothes. According to a survey by Barbell Apparel, 9/10 gym goers felt more motivated to exercise simply by putting on their gym gear!

It’s the old saying: “look good, feel good”. Many of us are on our fitness journey pursuing exactly that, so give yourself a little boost by putting on your best gear! And let’s face it, we all have our secret favourites; the vest that shows off the chest, the jazzy pair of leggings, those neon trainers …

If you prefer evening exercise, try changing straight into your workout gear after you’ve finished work, before you slump onto the sofa.

Morning session? Lay out your kit at the foot of your bed. You could even sleep in your gym gear - just make sure it’s clean!

If you’re working from home and want a lunchtime workout, try doing all your morning calls in gym clothes (if you can keep your camera off!).

When we like what we wear, it encourages us to wear it more - which means more exercise, of course. Suit up, show up, right? 


Start with simple stretching and light warm-up movements. Get the body into its 'sympathetic state', where blood flow to the muscles increases and glucose is released for quick energy. Use this time to mentally prepare and focus on the session ahead. That might sound dramatic - it’s not exactly an Olympic final - but being in the right physical and mental frame of mind isn’t a bad thing.

Sometimes home workouts simply aren’t as exciting as proper gym sessions, and it helps to have the mental edge to push past anything that could be perceived as ‘boring’.


Don't force or push it! Be aware of how you feel and pay attention to it. Mentally check in with yourself after 10-15 minutes. If you’re really not warmed up or feeling energised by then - well, you made the effort, and something is better than nothing. Set yourself the target of surpassing that time in your next session.

We're willing to bet that you keep going, however. Even a small sense of accomplishment can make a big difference to your fitness routine.

Give these tips a try for your next home workout and see if they work for you!


And of course, if you need a helping hand with your home workout plan, Joompa offers a comprehensive online training program that will keep you active and accountable!

The Joompa Online Home Training package connects you to a coach for three live online sessions, including a full exercise analysis and assessment which we use to build you an effective, personalised fitness plan to follow for a few weeks.

  • SESSION 1 - ASSESSMENT: A live online discussion with your coach to talk about your goals and work through different movements that are suitable for you. Your coach then builds a personalised program of 2 alternating sessions.
  • SESSIONS 2 & 3: Live training sessions focusing on form and function, working through the prescribed exercises, with your coach keeping an eye on your tolerance for volume and session intensity.
  • ONWARDS: Based on exact volume figures from the first two live sessions, your coach builds a precise exercise routine for you to follow for the next four weeks by yourself! You can set up a weekly check-in, or easily book an additional hour of coaching if required.

All this for only RM249!

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