Eating Healthy While Eating Out

Eating Healthy While Eating Out

Tips for Dining Out on a Diet

Just because you’re sticking to a particular meal plan doesn’t mean you have to stick to meal prep! You don’t have to give up on socialising or eating at your favourite restaurant. True, we might be more likely to indulge more when we’re dining out, but with a few sensible decisions, we can enjoy a guilt-free meal without worrying about our calorie balance.

Coach Kazaf shares some great tips for making healthy choices while eating out. From simple salad swaps to ordering your sauce separately, these are simple strategies that can help a night out fit into your nutrition plan. Healthier options are always available if you know what to look out for, and how to ask for them!

Study the menu before you get to the restaurant.

Many restaurants have the menu available online, whether on their website, social media, or a third-party website like Zomato. Check out the menu items and find something that fits into your diet plan before you arrive. Planning your meal ahead not only makes for a stress-free experience, but also helps you avoid making less optimal decisions while distracted and hungry at the restaurant. Look for lean meat options with plenty of vegetables! Lean meat includes chicken, turkey, white fish, and cuts of meat such as sirloin and tenderloin steak.

Pick options with healthier cooking methods

Dishes that are steamed, grilled, roasted, or poached are much more likely to be lower-calorie than fried or sautéed options, because much less oil is used in the cooking process. If you're having a chicken dish, ask for the skinless chicken option, to avoid extra calories from fat.

Drink plenty of water before and after your meal

Water is always important, and especially around mealtimes! Drinking water before and after your meal will help with digestion and nutrient absorption. Drinking during your meal is OK too, but take care to sip your drink slowly and carefully to avoid bloating. No one wants hiccups on a date either!

Eat slowly and mindfully

Savour the experience! Eating slowly can even help you feel full faster, which is useful if we’re controlling our calorie intake. Slow down, chew your food properly (which helps with digestion), and enjoy the delicious meal. It even reduces stress! And be honest - when was the last time you really appreciated every bite?

Share your plate or order a smaller portion size

It can be as simple as asking for a smaller portion size - or even finding an appetiser that you like, and ordering two of those instead of one big main! And sharing is caring … if you’re on a romantic date, even better! A practical way of portion control.

Ask for a simple healthy swap

It doesn't always have to be "swap fries for a green salad" either - that gets boring! How about steamed vegetables? More filling than leaves! Or black beans, which are full of fibre, protein, and even antioxidants. Brown rice instead of white rice is always a good choice. Or for starters, if you're having a bread basket at the table, just ask for whole-grain bread instead of white. Easy!

Ask for dressings and sauces on the side

Although it's often essential to the dish, some salad dressing can be secretly and surprisingly high in calories from sugars and fat. You might be amazed just how many calories come in the “Caesar” part of a Caesar Salad …

Getting sauce on the side helps with calorie control - and flavour control, for that matter! Go easy on creamy sauces and butter sauces - these are often full of calories.

Go with sugar-free beverages

Another simple swap that is really easy to make - and if you’re enjoying a delicious meal, you’ll barely notice the sugar-free beverage. In any case, it’s usually best to avoid caffeinated or carbonated beverages while eating, to avoid any digestion issues. One of the easiest ways to choose a healthy option and save 100-200 calories.

Choose small measures of alcohol and low calorie mixers

A healthy diet doesn't have to be alcohol-free - but be aware of the calories that many alcoholic drinks can contain! Wine and cocktails are the worst culprits, so stick to small measures of spirits such as vodka or gin with low-calorie mixers. Make sure to have a glass of water between each alcoholic drink as well.

By: Coach Kazaf

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Coach Kazaf likes to keep a close eye on his clients’ food diaries and provides helpful advice on making better choices. Generally, his programming focuses on gradual and stable fat loss, and can be accelerated for specific occasions.

Combining expertise in calisthenics, bodyweight & strength training, and high intensity compound training with manageable nutrition protocols, Coach Kazaf will guide you to become the best version of yourself in a safe and sustainable way that works with your lifestyle.


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